Frequently Asked Questions


How much does the cable need to be cut before the alarm will sound?
The unique patented design of the cable is such that when the cable/shackle is cut through by 50% or more the alarm will activate.

How long do the batteries last?
Battery life depends on several factors such as brand/quality of the batteries, frequency of product usage, environmental conditions etc. Assuming good quality alkaline batteries are used, typically under average usage and operating conditions they will last 6 – 12 months.

Can you test the alarm and/or check the batteries are functioning?
On each Lock Alarm there is the function to test the alarm. Please refer to the individual product instructions for more details. In addition, the Lock Alarms have a LED that flashes when the device is locked. If this LED stops flashing or becomes very faint then this indicates the batteries need changing.

If the batteries are discharged will it affect the locking mechanism on the product?
No. The batteries only power the alarm function and do not affect the locking mechanism, which is totally mechanical – so the device will still lock and unlock even if the batteries become discharged.