About us

Lock Alarm NZ are based in Albany, New Zealand. Our exclusive New Zealand dealership resulted from our personal experience and need. While camping up North we caught a youth trying to steal our quad bike. When I spoke to other campers every one of them had horror stories of thefts ranging from boats, trailers, quad bikes, and outboard motors. I searched worldwide to find a suitable product to secure my “big boy toys” while camping and at home and found the answer in Lock Alarm. I quickly realised that this great little device has valuable uses in countless situations way beyond camping. Don’t just lock it – Lock Alarm it.


WE WANT YOUR SUCCESS STORY.- Has your lock alarm sounded and saved your toys and chased away the thief?

Write up your story with a couple of pictures and let us use it in our promotions (no surnames required). Your reward is a new FREE replacement alarm. sales@lockalarm.co.nz


More media coming soon!